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Innovative Anointed Ministries (I AM) is a faith based drama and arts ministry. Our mission is the bring help, hope and healing. We have used drama productions and linked them with mental, social and spiritual health. One of  goal is to give the community a productive way to express their gifts and or talents as well as bring collaboration throughout the community by working with other organizations and increasing mental, social and spiritual awareness. Some of the organizations we have worked with thus far are CODA (Counsel On Domestic Abuse), ISU Counseling Center, FSA Counseling, Connors Center, CASY, Inc. and Hamilton Center, Inc. In an age where electronic devices are used as our primary communication, I AM desires to bring back the value of face to face communication,, teamwork and building positive peer relationships among the youth.


Our mission is to "Bringing help, hope and healing through theatre"

Owners Jerry White and wife 

Jerry & Theresa White



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Founder of Innovative Anointed Ministries (I-AM), Theresa White is originally from Indianapolis, IN.  She has written, directed and produced several plays since she her early 20’s. Some of the productions include Heaven Sent, Mirror Mirror, Cry Wolf, and The Restaurant, and Family LIES. She is the youngest of three siblings.  She gained a love for performing arts and other various art forms since she was a teenager when she began acting in church plays. Another form of art she has engaged in is dance. She began interpretive dance in 2000. Her first stage was in the church setting. Her first play performed in Terre Haute was in 2006 entitled Heaven Sent. In 2010 was the first production she produced in the community entitled Cry Wolf. Cry Wolf was performed at Booker T. Washington Community Center. Although she does not have a formal arts degree, she has surrounded herself with professionals in the field and is gaining a wealth of knowledge under their mentorship. Her own acting experience includes the lead in Terre Haute Community Theatre Oakley Stage production-Yellowman under the direction of Jeff Lorick in 2011 where she played multiple characters. She played the main role "Mrs. Cross" in a full length church play at the age of 12 among several other plays in the past.  Theresa White knows all too well the reality of the productions that are set before you. Most are original scripts that she herself has written, directed and produces to increase mental, social and spiritual health awareness. She is also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor that has worked with youth and young adults since the age of 16. Theresa worked at a male state prison for 5 years with men having chronic mental illness and youth incarcerated as adults (YIA). She currently is a Child & Adolescent Therapist and Crisis Specialist at the Hamilon Center, Inc. She has seen the need for something truly innovative to reach the hearts and minds of her community. This fueled her passion to give the community a healthy way to cope with life’s pains-by expressing it on stage. She found theatre to be a very powerful and motivating art form. This is what drove her mission for I AM-to bring help, hope and healing through theatre by connecting it with social services. Because of her passion for IAM's mission, she has committed herself to educating the community on mental health issues. In 2014 she presented suicide prevention seminars in high schools and faith based community. Theresa's goal for Innovative Anointed Ministries is to one day develop this ministry into a full  therapeutic theatre program for youth and young adults to help support them in maturing to a successful adulthood.


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Alyssa Brooks is the Artistic Director of Innovative Anointed Ministries.  She has been attached to the stage since 2002.  She began writing poetry in 1999 or 2000 and performed her first poem in front of a live audience in 2002.  She has been in numerous theatrical productions including Fiddler on the Roof (chorus member), For Colored Girls who have considered suicide when the Rainbow is Enuf (Lady in Green), and A Lesson Before Dying (Vivian).  She has been in most of the plays produced by IAM, both acting and co-directing.  She is currently the playwright for IAM’s upcoming production.  She has taken theater classes where she was taught the art of acting and directing that has helped her better her craft.  She wrote a ten minute play for one of her classes and it was chosen, along with 5 others, to be produced out of the 30 other plays that were submitted from her classmates.  She truly enjoys theater and is truly grateful to the LORD that he has given her the gift, and she wants to take advantage of opportunities that will show the world Christ’s love can shine through any avenue of expertise.


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A man that wears many hats.  He is the husband of the President. Jerry has been in ministry for 24 years.  Many of those years he has worked with youth and young adults.  He wrote a production for I AM in 2014 entitled Do Me Right. This was his first directorial debut, but this isn’t his first play.  He's written multiple plays in his church when he was the youth pastor. Due to his committment to I AM's mission, Jerry has been in most production that I-AM has performed in the past 5 years.  



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